gantry cnc slicing coil wrapping machines.


1.Tiny gantry construction,economical and popular selling gantry cnc slicing coil wrapping machines.

Cross beam size is produced by 2m to 3m,longitudinal rail is 3m and can be lengthened.

According to users’ requirements 2.Numbers of cutting torch and automatic height adjustment device is optional.

3.It can be set up with flame and plasma reducing with Usb 2 . 0 dock.


It could lower gentle steel (flames decreasing) and high co2 steel, stainless, copper, other and aluminum no-ferrous aluminum (plasma cutting), and so forth, be extensively applied in industries including coil wrapping machinery,shipbuilding and automobile, petro-chemical, battle boiler, aerospace, metallurgy, industry and pressure vessel, locomotive and many others.

Specialized Variables

Go across Ray Duration (By axis)

3m (might be lengthened according to user’s desire)

Longitudinal Rail Size(Y axis)

3m (Rail might be lengthened in accordance with user’s require)

Successful Cutting Thickness (X axis)


Effective Decreasing Size (Y axis)


Cutting Method

Fire only; Plasma only; Plasma and Flame

Drive Method


Travel Approach

Rack and pinion drive for X and Y axes

Flames Reducing Size


Plasma Reducing Size

1-60mm (according to the specifications of plasma source of energy)

Slicing Rate

-3500mm each and every minute

Shifting Precision

.01mm per stage

Power Source(alternative)

220V 50Hz 500-1000W

Nesting Application (solution)


Reducing Gasoline

Acetylene, Propane

Plasma Petrol

Pushedair and Oxygen, N2

Torch Elevation Controller (AUTO)


Capacitive size management for fire cutting


Arc voltage height control for plasma cutting

After-transaction pledge and service

According to user equipment use environment ,effective cutting range, cutting parameters such as thickness and material ,to provide users with the most economical and practical solution for CNC cutting technology

Promise for starters season,24-hour technical support by E-snail mail or phoning, Customer-warm and friendly English manual and movie for coil wrapping machine using and maintaining

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