gantry cnc reducing coil wrapping machines.

Automatic decoiler: 5t,6t,10t,15t….. consumer developed

Variables of hydraulic decoiler:

(1) Form of decoiler : Hydraulic Tension and electrical release

(2) Engine power of decoiler : 3KW

(3) Engine strength of Hydraulic station : 2.2KW

(4) Inside dia of coil : 500-530mm

(5) Outdoors dia of coil : 1300mm

(6) Size of coil : 1250-1300mm

(7) Weight of coil : 5T,6T,10t,15t

(8) Pace of decoiling : -20m/minutes

(9) Tension of hydraulic process : 10Mpa

(10) Strategy for management : Multiple-stage photoelectric automated keeping track of

(11) Summarize sizing of decoiler : 3200mm×1250mm×1800mm

(12) Voltage of handle : 3P/440V/60HZ

Frequently asked questions

? Q: According to my design or prototype can you make the machine?

A: Indeed. We have now a skilled team for hitting the gym the best option design and production policy for the machine that you might book with us

? Q: What must you know to ensure I could have a machine strategy of your stuff for the technological men and women reference point?

A: Effectively, since the simple needed info for planning a coil wrapping machine prepare, pls see below details

For that slitting coil packaging line and lower-to-duration: the fabric type(CR, PPGI, HR and HDGI SS), width and thickness range, coil bodyweight, cutting velocity, slitting phone numbers(exclusively for slitting line), metal dish required reducing duration(simply for reduce-to-length line)

For the C,Z,W Profile and roof/wall panel roll developing machine: the information size range, thickness collection along with the profile drawing are needed(how many roll creating appears necessary are depended on the profile drawing)

For that HVAC machine and the stainless-steel water pipe machine: the wall density collection along with the diameter selection of the tube

Pls also provide us with your special requirements for the machine, for example, you want the machine to be a full-automatic one or semi-automatic one in order to save your procurement budget.

? Q: How could we be assured that you may deliver us top quality machine with spare parts?

A: We usually require our customers to send the technical people to our factory for checking the quality of the coil wrapping machine before shipping. Considering that the customer usually is not really really acquainted with the coil wrapping machine putting together and debugging, so that we give the technicians towards the buyer`s manufacturing facility for installing the coil wrapping machine provided the Price Term was determine on ALL IN foundation. In additon, We offer each of our buyers together with the aftersales-assistance, its totally free throughout the warranty time period

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