Full automatic coil packaging machine is changing

Full automatic coil packaging machine is changing with the rhythm of our life. Because in our lives, powder products come into contact with many need. So regardless of any kind of powder kind product has a huge market demand, and when the market demand increases, automatic powder packing the machine is fully utilized their fast and efficient mode of production to meet our market needs. And when the market demand reduction, reduce the production speed automatic powder packing machine will be appropriate.

[structure characteristics of automatic coil packaging machine]

Powder automatic packaging machine of screw powder filling device is a set of independent metering filling system, the device adopts high precision stepper motor driver, screw filling. On machine measurement range can be composed of several different screw size complete different measuring ranges. The operation is simple, convenient and accurate.

[automatic powder packaging machine suitable places]

Automatic coil packaging machine suitable for food, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides, veterinary drug products in powder material automatic packing, for example: milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, veterinary medicine, pesticide powder, wettable powder, mask powder, enzyme preparations, premix, glucose, flavoring, Hu hot soup, five powder, Hu Lafen, garlic powder, flavor spices, coffee powder, seasoning powder and powder.

A variety of liquid packaging system now in soy sauce and vinegar, fruit juice, milk, coke, wine and other various liquid packaging products, have a wide range of applications. The equipment shaping, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting process of high efficiency, packaging in the packaging film before UV disinfection, comply with the requirements of food hygiene.

Liquid and hose packaging system in mechanical function, more varied. Liquid packaging system will measure, filling, sealing, code functions gradually integrating innovation, achieve high efficiency in machinery. Modular technology provides technical support for this, with the development of technology is mature, liquid packaging machine will be more advanced appear on the market. We also look forward to liquid packaging system to bring to market a higher quality goods.

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