Full automatic cartoning stretch

The stretch wrapping machine description:
Full automatic continuous motion cartoning machine implementation level shipping carton and quick change format. The machine is equipped with a display device is used to control the material, control products on the tray, tray and the existence of packaged products. Electrical safety device product propeller, by organic glass protection. Emergency button, automatically simple stop display.
Application field:
The pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics, food, medical equipment etc..
The main features:
Full automatic cartoning stretch wrapping machine is suitable for a wide range of products, from single to multiple products, packaging and sealing the flexible and non flexible carton ends. The wrapping machine is compact size and efficient for blister packaging, strip, cartons, bottles, bags, extruded tube, soap and other products. Carton eliminating system installed in the height adjustable feet. Material used: a small cardboard box fold and glue weight from 220-400g/m2. Hook type: slotted or heat; carton capping: carton the same side from lower / upper, from one side of the mobile / fixed side lid etc.. Folding machine: GUK FA 21/4 cartonac 81
Technical parameters:
Net weight: 2200kg
Power supply: 3.7KW
Air consumption: NI/min 17
Pressure: 5/6bar
Voltage: 280 Volts
Frequency: 50Hz
Maximum yield: 225 boxes / min.
Machine dimensions: length * width * height (4050*1530*1670mm)
Size range (minimum): 20 x 12 x 55 mm
Size range (maximum): 120 x 70 x 200 mm

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