Flow wrapping machine for steel tube

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About flow wrapper

A. The roller transporter can be customized for you, which includes push device with air cylinder, collector and so on. It’s about $1532.





B. PE is ok.

C. Please see attached pictures of package welding.


Small bagging



Big bagging



About pallet wrapper

A. It’s ok to have weigh scale. Please see the picture. The weight will be on the screen of instrument. The weigh scale with instrument is about $1225.



B. Please see the movie of pre-stretch.


About forklift

We can manufacture the pallet wrapper with forklift design, like the below picture. It will be convenient for your forklift.




And, please see the below details of your forklift. Its price is about


Load capacity: 1000kg

Load center: 500mm

Raised height: 3000mm

Lowered height: 85mm

Fork dimensions: 1150*160mm

Fork width: 680mm

Turning radius: 1380mm

Wheel type: Poly-on-Steel


Overall size: 1785/800/2075mm

Travel speed (w./w.o.load): 3.5 / 4.0 km/h

Gradeability (w./w.o.load): 3% / 6%

Power source: DC 24V / 70Ah

Traction motor: 0.75kW

Lifting motor: 2.0kW

Net weight: 580kg


Any concern of the forklift, please feel free to contact with me.


About the cost of our technicians visit to your factory

Every day of first week is $80 per person. After first week, it will be $100 per person everyday. Round trip tickets, board and lodging is taken by you. But training and technical support is free.


Thank you.

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