Flip upender Machine Hydraulic Communicate

(10) as professed in assert 1, in which the reversing machine hydraulic servomotor, described because: explained hydraulic cylinder overturned (4) and a top turn hydraulic tube (3) the identical structure.

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Change Machine Hydraulic Communicate


[0001] The upender relates to a hydraulic servomotor upender machine, especially for large elements flick angle, belonging to the industry of upender automation equipment and technology.


[0002] In the production and assembly of machinery and equipment, often need to move large parts flip positioning, large parts very bulky, if manpower to flip would be very difficult, requiring specialized upender machine provides a relatively large work force to complete flip.

[0003] In present day society, stainlesss steel within the design market is more and more utilized, the creation of big metallic composition need to depend on contemporary machinery and devices to perform. Hydraulic Communicate upender machine is committed to the H-beam upender production line for big horizontal stainlesss steel workpiece 180 ?? flick of mechanical equipment.

[0004] currently on the market commonly used sequence hoist tipper, this upender machine operates by using two chains resolved with a big workpiece, upward traction amid a chain, to ensure the rotation in the workpiece to attain flip aspect. This framework is relatively complicated reversing machine being used, there are lots of problems. In the inversion process, because the use of chain pull bow I, chains in direct contact with the workpiece, the workpiece is easy to damage; Meanwhile, the workpiece upender speed is unstable, especially flip the workpiece from the horizontal position to the upright position, in an upright position flip instantaneous fast, improper operation prone to accidents.

Because the trip chain hoist is limited to large-sized workpiece 180 ?? in need after two flip, first flip down the workpiece by 90 ?? and then Flip once again, [0005] In the H-beam upender production line using horizontal chain hoist tipper. The workpiece has not flipped to 90 ?? to the limit position when it had dropped to reverse flip the workpiece, flip is often because the operator did not notice the chain hoist stroke position.

[0006] comparable overseas reversing machine generation collection intricate framework, sizeable area, high prices, so basically do not use in america.

Breakdown Of THE Creation

[0007] The subject from the upender is always to get over the aforementioned insufficiencies, thereby providing a hydraulic servomotor upender equipment, basic composition, simple operations, stable upender the workpiece, the workpiece will not likely create problems; boost the efficiency of your employees, decreased employee work strength, low cost and high efficiency of your total reversal of the workpiece function.

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