Flick coil upender Machine Hydraulic driveing

Multifunctional technical molds feeder expertise in upender The application design pertains to a method for machining and mold producing method molds convert multifunctional mechanised feeder, belonging to machining and mold creating auxiliary products technological innovation. Art inside the mold and machining materials, mold, maintenance and making machining treat procedures are usually flipping utilization of man or weightlifting devices to complete. This method of functioning, prone to mishaps, office might cause damage to costly fungus injury, raising devices injury, serious but in addition endanger the protection of operating employees. So someone applies a technique called hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism (Patent No.: 03247436 * 9) from the patent, its structure is: holder built with hydraulic power and stations manage container, carrier side rails with a number of bearing chair ; shaft by way of a displaying resolved within the rack where a sequence for both ends of your shaft has a hydraulic motor unit; turn workdesk in the back of helpful tips rail installed on the rack rail assistance foundation , sequence and sprocket engages the chain ends easy-to-open turn Taiwan edges; using hydraulic station hydraulic electric motor powered from a sequence to flip turn Taiwan. Was turned part because there is no fixed easily fall, is still not conducive to safe production; Meanwhile, when two lifting holes parallel to the plane of upender the work table, were not uninstall the inverted flip move the workpiece; while only turn perpendicular to each other and both large and flat surfaces, the use of restrictive, affecting the efficiency of its use, although the patented solution hydraulic automatic machine molds although to some extent, improve the safety factor, reducing the operator’s labor intensity. SUMMARY OF THE Innovation The technology seeks to provide a reasonable structure, supplies might be machined mold set, can flip the 6 faces transformed molds multi purpose mechanised feeder resolve the previous art work, using restricted safety very low coefficient problem; when another among the energy version strives to provide a safer, reliable, modest footprint, easy to use multiple-operate mechanical molds transform feeder. The utility version main objective of such technology is resolved with the subsequent upenders: a flexible mechanical molds convert giving machine, comprising basics, a hinge axis, flick table, stores, magnetic kitchen table, rotating shafts, telescopic protect, basic There is certainly switched motor unit, sprocket tensioner sprocket and transitional, flick about the motor together with the travel sprocket; stated hinge axis hinge support with the three repaired inside the foundation; mentioned turn board as well as two rims attached by way of a change the coupling go is hinged for the hinge axis of the hinge, turn board with rotary engine, the electric motor turning a drive equipment; the chain and sprocket, the sequence tensioning sprocket proposal transition, the chain stops were easy-to-open towards the flip coupling go spherical ends, which is located on a group of friends across the tire turn coupling;

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