Flick coil upender Machine Hydraulic device

mentioned magnetic desk has numerous long-lasting magnet sucker and stoppers, each long lasting magnet sucker interconnected with an intermediate shaft; said rotation axis moves throughout the moving having Within the flick-table, with rotating shaft pushed products, driven gear meshing using the driving a car items; said retractable cover platter repaired on the base and change involving; the foundation include electric handle pack, handle container provided with remote device working deal with. The utility product multifunctional technical feeder molds change change 90 diplomas with the horizontal course, the desk rotates 360 qualifications, magnet adsorption set workpiece features; cheers flick aspect table, in accordance with other molds machine could save l / 3 footprint. For that reason, the power version has multi-work, an easy task to use, reliable and safe, modest footprint etc. Description OF THE Sketches Body 1 will be the utility of your particular embodiment of your schematic front side look at; Shape 2 is just one certain embodiment of your power design schematic kept area see; Figure 3 is definitely the application of a certain embodiment of any schematic best take a look at the structure; Figure 4 is a schematic diagram of the application product Magnet desk. Physique: l. Bottom 2. Hinge axis 21. Hinge support, 3. Flip board, 31. Change coupling wheel 32. Hinge coupling mind, 4. Sequence, 41. Upender engine 42 generate sprocket, 43 Cross over sprocket 44. tensioning sprockets, 5. Magnetic dinner table, 51. magnetic chuck, 52. intermediate shaft 53. stopper, 6 revolving shaft 61 powered products 62. initiative Products, 63. rotary electric motor, 7. telescopic cover. In depth Information The following cases and the related sketches, the present application model upenders to increase particular directions. Physique l, 2, shown in Physique 3, the power type of a multi purpose mechanized feeder molds turn, consists of a base 1, a hinge shaft 2, upender dish 3, the chain 4, magnet kitchen table 5, the rotary shaft 6, telescopic deal with 7, the base 1 designed with upender electric motor 41, a anxiety sprocket 44, sequence 43 transitions, upender motor 41 is provided having a push sprocket 42; stated hinge shaft 2 with the three hinge support 21 1 is resolved to the base; plate 3 from the upender from the upender wheels 31 along with the two connecting hinge coupling go 32 is easy-to-open towards the hinge shaft 2, as well as the hinge shaft 2 with the aid of sliding manual sleeve, a upender dish 3 spinning electrical machine 54 the revolving power machine 54 is supplied having a pinion items 53; the sequence 4 as well as the generate sprocket 42, the changeover 43 along with the tension sprocket 44 a sequence engaging the chain 4 finishes have been hinged on the finishes in the initial flick coupling tire 31, and is also situated Flick coupling tire 31 throughout the arc, upender dish 3 by upender the chain 4 to operate a vehicle tire 31 along with the hinge shaft 2, from to 90 ?? flick; explained magnetic dinner table 5 is in conjunction with the rotary shaft 6; stated rotary shaft 6 by a single set of moving bearings in upender plate 3, the rotary shaft 6 is provided using a pushed equipment 61, the powered items 61 meshed using the traveling equipment 62, the electrical engine 63 pushed from a rotary travel equipment 62, the pushed items 61, the rotary shaft 6 along with a magnet Dinner table 5 regarding flick plate 3 – 360 levels rotation from; explained telescopic protect 6 fixed for the base platter andflip and flip, flick around if the dish 3 – onwards for stress and pressure activity; equipped with the basic power control box, manage container designed with remote-control operation deal with. Demonstrated in Body 4, said magnet dinner table 5 features a plurality of magnetic chuck 51 as well as the stopper prohibit 53, the magnet chuck 51 by way of numerous intermediate shaft 52 is paired to one another, magnetic chuck 51 referenced patent “spinning core and forwards polarity long term magnet construction crossbreed system When you need to adsorption fixed workpiece, merely transform a definite direction for the intermediate shaft 52, the same time taking off the workpiece is additionally just change it back to its unique safe, reliable and position functioning.

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