Fhopepack model machine

This Fhopepack model is used for expanding production, application integration packaging equipment in the bottle body and the bottle body and single row double sets of standard synchronized. And the shrinkage effect can fully highlight the perfect packaging bottle. All parts of this model used are imported equipment, the distinguishing feature is the use of bottle feeding mechanism of the model is divided into the bottle screw, ensuring the bottle conveying stability. Secondly, the difference of this type is the head tilt, whether round bottle, square bottle or flat bottle bottle feeding direction is which side, head direction can be adjusted according to the requirements of your company.
Sets of standard machine host size: L3000mm * W850mm * H2000mm
5, divided into the bottle screw:
To set standard bottles do equidistant apart, enter with bottle group.
6, with a bottle of group:
On the both sides of the synchronous transmission, height and a bottle clamping positioning just a handwheel adjustment, to make the bottle conveying not shaking and the control sleeve label height.
7, three colour warning lamp:
During normal operation of green warning light, ready for the yellow flashing lights, the host is not normal flash a red light.
8, the center column:
Label stretch wrapping film material set into the open, so that the film material is transferred and cutting.
9, eye frame group:
The use of optical fiber electric transmission signal, a control system is provided to do fixed size delivery, electric eye position can be adjusted in height.
10, brush set:
Using the retaining strip or a rubber band will be set into the brush into the bottle label location.
11, the brush set:
By using the synchronous adjustment mechanism, the brush two group transmission wheel to adjust to the center column lower roller slight contact, to label at high speed through the label set into the bottle.
12, double frame group:
Save the reload time, discharge by a group of transmission wheel deceleration motor pressure feed feed.
13, the conveyor belt:
The use of frequency converter to adjust the conveyor belt speed, to apply to all capacity speed matching, this packaging machine with synchronous control will be divided into the bottle screw group, with a bottle of group, the conveyor belt the three into a single knob speed.
14, according to a bottle of eye:
Monitoring the bottle to a proper position, the output signal to make the host automatically set into the label.

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