FhopepaCk high speed packing machine

High speed ultra clean liquid packing machine
A, product introduction: Fhopepack high speed ultra clean horizontal stretch wrapper packaging machine (high speed ultra clean type Bailey bag installed) is a new type of pneumatic transmission speed of liquid filling and packaging equipment development of Tianjin Tianli aviation electromechanical Co., increased the high efficiency air filter device, the air purification is performed under pressure the whole process of packaging, packaging film after disinfection liquid and a plurality of groups of quartz lamp strong ultraviolet radiation sterilization. It is based on the plastic bag material forming, sealing, cutting off the substrate, the material in the sealed packing bag, and can achieve the specified length according to the length of sealing or cursor.
FhopepaCk high speed ultra clean liquid packing machine adopts stainless steel material manufacture, fully meet the need of food production. The transmission system adopts the equipment with international advanced technology of pneumatic drive products, all valves pipe fittings all adopt imported from overseas, compared with the traditional mechanical transmission equipment is greatly improved, can accurately control the equipment go film, sealing, greatly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance. Equipment electrical components adopt international famous brand, make equipment long-term efficiency is stable and reliable to meet customer requirements.
Two, the use of products: high speed  horizontal stretch wrapper packing machine is widely used in yogurt, milk, juice, beverage and so has the flowing characteristic of soft film packaging. It can be widely used for dairy products, brewing chemical and medical industry.
This machine has wide application range, point to a small area, can use single, applicable to all kinds of bottles, pots, barrels of product automatic packing, also can use with the filling machine and other online, later packaging process. The machine according to the quantity of product packing requirements, can automatically arrange the products and into the box, loaded full box product is automatically sent to conveying roller into the sealing machine. This  horizontal stretch wrapper machine is widely used in medicine, food, chemical and other industries.
Performance characteristics:
1, according to the stretch wrapper packing requirements, can automatically arrange the products, motor coordination, stable motion, accurate?.
2, wide scope of application, using multiple sets of bottom positioning gear box device, can be applied to a variety of product stretch wrapper packing.
3, a lack of bottle stopping alarm, no bottle no packing and other safety devices.
4, with no oil lubrication pneumatic components, low noise, no pollution. ?
5, using frequency control and PLC control technology, combined with the man-machine interface, convenient operation, high degree of automation. ?
6, especially suitable for being matched with a packaging line, easy to move.
Technical parameters:
JP-ZXJD-A machine type?
Power / power? 220VAC/50-60HZ? 1KW
Carton applicable? L250 – 500*W200 – 400*H180 – 450mm (can be customized)
Packing speed of 6 – 10 tank / minute?
The use of 0.4-0.6MPa source?
The size of the 1600*1500*1850mm machine?

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