Fhope packaging machinery equipment limited company

Guangzhou Fhope  packaging machinery equipment limited company is a professional manufacturer of metal packaging machine screws, furniture parts and packaging machines, electrical parts and packaging machines, metal hybrid automatic packaging machines, fan spare parts hardware bag automatic coil packaging line and machines manufacturing plant, located in Sha Liang on development zone, danzao town, Nanhai district, Foshan City, way on the 8th, is a manufacturing, technology research, development and sales of integrated enterprise. Factory was founded in 2006, which belongs to the automatic packaging machine industry. For more than 10 years focused on engineering research and manufacturing number.
Logo Qingdao okay de company professional production drawing machine, and stainless steel drawing machine, and surface drawing machine, and aluminum Board drawing machine, and wood drawing machine, and floor drawing packing machine, and sand with polishing machine, and flat pressure film machine, and watermills polishing machine, and stainless steel Board mill sand machine, and plate grinding machine, and metal Board polishing machine, and flat surface reply film machine,, this factory has years of production experience, by production of machine quality reliable, price reasonable, delivery timely, get general customer of praised

Our main product and coil packaging lines include:
Stainless steel, and aluminum Board surface silk lines mill sand, and drawing equipment: main for variety models stainless steel with, and plate, and aluminum Board, and aluminum Board, and copper, surface silk lines processing, as NO.4 (and said snowflake lines, and short silk, and broken silk, and snowflake sand,), and HL (and said long silk, and straight silk, and hair silk, and sent lines,), and SB (and name nylon round drawing, and Duan Si, and broken silk, and hair lines,), and variety silk lines of combination. Threads processed plate aluminum, elevators, facade panels are widely used in the electronics industry, food processing, medical equipment, stove stove, a variety of surface decoration, and so on. Due to different processing technology, the machines can be broken down into: stainless steel drawing machine aluminum wire drawing machine belt drawing machine nylon drawing machine wet abrasive belt grinding machine, wire drawing machines and other general support flat panel laminating machine, transfer platforms, washing drying machine, fan, anti-fingerprint treatment equipment and more.

Metal flat, and artifacts surface processing mechanical: main for plate, and aluminum Board, and copper, and iron, and alloy Board, and various sheet metal gold pieces hardware pieces, flat surface grinding, and mill sand, and sand light, and polishing, and brushed,, specific of function including quantitative grinding, and whole Board mill flat, and removal rust traces designated marks, and removal Burr fly side, and repair blunt side, and polishing, and increased rough degrees,. All abrasive or heat in different ways, the equipment can be divided into: polishing machines, water mill, metal  packing machine, grinding machines, polishing machines, stainless steel plate steel plate metal deburring equipment.

Wood, flat surface drawing mill sand equipment: main for floor, wood plastic Board, Panel, plane fine processing,, due to machine specific configuration select different, main function can while or alone fine is divided into: set thick grinding, and late surface sand light, and duplex sand light, and primer sand light, and polishing, and brushed, and drawing,, main should for Panel, set thick sand light, and paint surface polishing, and real wood drawing, and wood skin polishing, and wood plastic Board surface brushed, field. According to the different Max broadband, can be: 400mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm,1600mm,1800mm, or other models.

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