expert make steel coil wrapping machine

Semiconductor (DP) seies side-water pump laser coil wrapping machine adopts the international advanced laser modern technology, makes use of semiconductor diode pump motor of wavelength 808nm and ND: YAG medium sized, the medium sized porudces a lare quantity of inversion populace, output and forms giant pulse laser beam light-weight of wavelength 1064nm by means of regulating Q, experiencing high electrooptical transformation effectiveness, small amount and lower energy intake

Crucial parts of this range marking machineare brought in with authentic bundle, which ensures marking accuracy and reliability, high speed, and steady shows, enables coil wrapping machine to function uninterruptedly for a lon time When you compare with trditional lamp pump motor marking machine, it provides dvantages of larger wrange of application, much easier to coordinate with some other prouction lines, and realizing on-line marking.

The marking machine software is applicable for XP syste, is showcased with simpe opoeration and finished funcions, and compatible with PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAS, CORRELDRAW and oter file fomats like BMP, DXF, JPG and PLT and will direct use th TTF word supply.

2. Scope of program

This sries of coil wrapping machines may be used to tag exquisite persona routine on many and metallic no-metal supplies at high-speed, are widely put on marking operates of bar computer code, heroes whole lot number, graph, encoding and date serial quantity, concerning sectors like electronic merchandise, auto parts, communicatin merchandise, sanitary ware, rubber, lighter, jewel and ceramic electric powered devices, tool, lockst and tableware computer hardware tool, and so on.

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