equipmentwith out the need of twisting the wrapping material

, Body 3 can be a best prepare perspective, enlarged, from the securing plates and co-behaving elements;

Figure 4 is actually a topplan see, partly cracked away,

of your securing plates in available position and pulled from the machine;

Shape 5 is really a fragmentary leading plan viewof placement; I Shape 6 is really a in depth sectional take a look at the paper providing system;

Physique ‘7 is a transverse sectional fine detail Look at at risk ‘II of Figure 6, andpartly cracked Physique 8 can be a depth sectional view of the closing cam and co-performing components;

Body 9 is a detail sectional take a look at the blade Body 10 is really a sectional details look at the knife and co-operating parts;

Body 11 is actually a detail view of the closing plates in shut placement on the sucker; and I Shape 12 is undoubtedly an swollen details sectional Look at the co and plunger-performing pieces, partially sec,-

tioned and in part broken aside.

In carrying out the creation there exists offered a desk or some other appropriate help I where is attached a generate shaft 2, with a strength pulley 3, the shaft’being maintained by the bearings 4. A motivated shaft 5, backed by the bearings 6, can also be mounted on the dinner table I which is in operable relationship with the shaft 2 by signifies i camera I2.

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