Equipment generally known as spiral wrapping devices for wrapping light aluminum profile

In operating the equipment to place the document roll 1, once we imagine that the wrapping has been to some extent accomplished (Figs. 2 and 1), the apparatus is constantly run, roll 1 simply being rotated and traveling carriage 7 getting superior in the direction of the correct by the procedure of traveling engine 20. As will be understood, a certain amount of winding tension is applied to web 2 by both the friction of the paper in traveling around the turning bar 49 and by the weight of festoon roll 71, whose weight is supported by the web 2 as will be understood. The principal Winding tension, however, to result in close up and limited wrapping, is created by means of a friction drag or braking system 81.

This comprises a rubbing page fill of weighty textile such as canvas possessing a breadth approximately those of supply roll 6 and established to become stopped in frictional proposal using the outside or left hand surface of this roll. This can be done by means of a cross nightclub 82 increasing across the size of your rubbing page and guaranteed by means of a cable tv 83 from the top of the the slotted uprights 74. On the budget from the friction page a body weight 84 is positioned, and the level of winding anxiety can be varied and selected by transforming how big this excess weight.

A rubbing product 85 which is relatively like the tension drag sheet 81 but more compact works to click the document web up against the surface of transforming nightclub 4 9. The reason is usually to put pressure which will help prevent online 2 from drooping in between turning bar 49 along with the festoon moves when wrapping rolls of intense lengths. So that you can maintain drag system 35 in contact with website 2 benefit tutorials 86 are mounted and provided on a rod 87 which can be guaranteed at its ends adjoining the opposite comes to an end of transforming pub 49 (Fig. 2).

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