enquiry Steel tube and upender packing line

Coil sizes and dimensions are below,

Outside diameter min (950mm) + max (1350mm) + usual range (950mm – 1350mm) (90% of products)

Inside diameter (508mm)

Single coil width min (200mm) + max (495mm) + usual range (230mm – 440mm) (90% of products)

Delivery would be Rotheram UK

Let me know if you need any further information?

We are a large format printing digital factory in Canada.
We wrap about 15-30 skids per day on 6 days a week.

Do you have differents kinds of machine(s) to wrap about 3 sizes of skids.

1-) 30’’ X 40’’
2-) 48’’ X 96’’
3-) 60’’ X 120’’

Thank you to send us a quotation as soon as possible.
Francois Bouchard

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