Enquiry for coil pcakaging line and system

As i understand from your website you are producing thermoforming machine system and coil packaging line for cup making and production line.

Cup (PET):

Sheet making -> Cup making/Thermoforming -> Packing
Water Filling -> Sealing ->Labeling -> Packaging

Cup size (ml/cc)
Production & Filling/year
Production & Filling/hour
No. of pcs. in packing (aprox.)

768 million
1,60,000 cups
24 pcs

> The cup diameter to 80 mm and the height to 120 mm

> PET cups filling machine , output around 20.000 pcs/h or more…
> thermoforming machine with mould 40 or 45 cavity or 50 cavities, for the hourly production of 80.000 cups/h or more or your proposed…

Looking for your feedback for coil packaging line.

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