energy model of hydraulic upender designing

4. A upender machine of the personality explained comprising, in mixture, grippers to engage complete opposite edges of your post, hands pivotand signifies functioning by means of stated arms to move said grippers towards and from the other as well as to raise and reduce said gri pers.

5. A: upender machine the type described comprising, in combination, a set of grippers mounted to interact with op osite sides of your post, a set of arms’on t e ends in which the particular grippers are ivotally mounted, a shaft getting reverse y threaded servings which said forearms are installed, mentioned forearms having inside threaded parts to take part respectively with all the threaded portions of said shaft, and means for revolving stated shaft.

6. A upender machine of your personality detailed comprising, in combo, some grippers mounted to engage opposing aspects of any report, a pair of arms on t e’ends in which the individual grippers are installed, a shaft possessing positely threaded. ortions on which sai forearms are attached, stated biceps and triceps possessing inside threaded elements to participate respectively using the-threaded areas of said s aft, 9. motor, and worm gearing contacts in between mentioned engine and explained shaft for rotating the shaft.

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