energy design refers to an 90 degree coil down upender

The distance switch I along with the spinning hard drive in accordance with the midst of one side in the nearness move in the bottom from the revolving II and disk corresponding towards the situation, the rotary dial on the distance move I is moved to the spinning dish distance swap II, perspective difference of 90 ??.

[0006] The application model has the following advantageous outcomes: using the above technical remedy, not merely throughout the operations of the application version is straightforward, and will decrease effort high intensity.


[0007] Body 1 can be a schematic architectural look at the energy model.

In depth Explanation [0008] In Body 1, the application version supplies a fully programmed handheld remote control flip the upender machine, consisting of downhill a tube

2, 3 and flip rail major system, wherein a side top of the decrease rail 3 in the ramp 1, a single stop from the rail 3 a tube (2), the less portion of the tube 2, the inlet 10 situated a solenoid device 9, the cylinder 2 along with the push 3 is coupled to the drive, the other finish of your rail 3 a converting upender machine primary entire body, the flick associate 11 carries a bracket, the bracket 11 is provided having a rotatable spinning platter 4, rotary disc 4 is linked to a controller, the spinning drive 4 is attached to the roll axis 5, the sides in the rotary disc 4 is provided by using a sensor screw 8, the side of the rotary disc 4 carries a nearness swap I 6, the spinning disc 4 the center of a nearness switch II 7, when the rotating disk 4 is moved to the nearness move sensing screw 8 I 6, the sensor screw 8 as well as the corresponding proximity change I 6, if the turning disk 4 is moved to the closeness switch sensing attach 8 II 7, the attach 8 and the nearness sensor swap II 7 matches the distance swap and the rotary disk 4 I 6 intermediate place from the aspect opposite the closeness move II 7 towards the bottom in the rotating disk 4 related towards the placement, the rotating disk 4 Go I 6 ê± closeness move and the closeness move rotary disc 4 II 7 Check out the perspective distinction of 90 ??, distance switches and distance changes I 6 II 7 correspondingly linked with the electromagnetic valve 9, tire roll from the bottom towards the slip ramp I 3, the control regulates the rotation of your rotating drive 4, if the revolving hard drive 4 is moved to the distance change sensing attach 8 I 6, the closeness change I 6 starts the solenoid valve 9, the solenoid valve 9 is motivated to start the inlet of your cylinder 2, Available the gasoline tube 2 cylinder 2 force slip 3 spool shaft 5 is pressed to flip, turn disc 4 by flipping pushed spool shaft 5 rotates when spinning drive 4 90 ?? rotation, the nearness swap II 7 Close the solenoid device 9, fuel off of quickly profits towards the initial situation push 3, the staff could be the word round shovel away. The complete method want to get off of the forklift staff, just push a control might be.

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