encrusting machine for bread making

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine


1. Optimum capacity for small products is 135 items a minute

The encrusting machine has production rates of up to 1.5 occasions faster than other competitor’s product as it is mix the stamping, encrusting and forming in a single machine.

It is a Dual filling Encrusting Stamping and Forming Machine

2. Mix the encrusting, forming and stamping function with each other to save lots of the space making it a lot more very easy to maintain and operate. may also increase the creation certainly.

3. Suport to weight three diverse kind of stuffings, his is most effective for dry materials including whipped cream.The attach along with a lightweight stream controller gently fill up the fabric inside the middle.There is absolutely no injury to the material given that you can easily change the supply rate of the flow and screw control.Pasty material like jam, custard product as well as solids such as cut chestnuts may be used to help make your personal product! Drinks like sauces may also be used!

The encrusting machine Increase filling Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

4. With thicken telfron coated food chanel layer, can avoid the food stay within the food chanel, more effective and easy to clean up.

5. Condition is more uniform for stay items

automatic encrusting & filling machine
automatic encrusting & filling machine

As you can immediate the in depth environment from the shutter through the control panel, you can make realignment in the machine throughout manufacturing. combain with Jinghua patented 9pcs circular developing knife. can ensure the encrusted food with equal form and weight.

6. Use 5pcs United states of america leading brand name EMERSON fire frequency converter, Korea LG servo electric motor and PLC controller to ensure the machine steady operating and more successful production.

5. All recognize sensor come in Japan OMRON company, The .1ms fast detect velocity assure the high precision place.

6. A lot more delicate extrusion for supplies

Extrusion is much smoother than before. For example, products including Arancini, personal grain of rice continues to be intact, or Chocolate Scratch Biscuits, the chocolate chips will not be crushed or misshaped.

1) Confectionery Chocolate Scratch Cookies

The encrusting machine can create Chocolate Scratch Biscuits as much as 5,800 computers./h with all the bodyweight remaining continual. It creates biscuits without having crushing the chocolates

The encrusting machine is for satisfying Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

2) Ready Meals Arancini Production

3) Various meats with Egg cell Production

As expected, It is ideal for meat products. The key physique is easily stainless and washable metal parts are for sale to sanitary uses.

4) Scotch Egg cell Production

By using options such as the Solid Feeder, an whole egg can be encrusted into ground meat for products such as Scotch Eggs. Furthermore, solid substance could be encrusted with two kinds of substances.

5) Various meats Loaf Production

Intermittent encrusting work generates loaded bar shaped products. You may get numerous measures for goods by the broad irregular variety of -99 secs.

6) Fermented Money Production

Filled Buns Manufacturing, JH868 can also be great for elastic bread cash. Top quality items can be produced using the new agitator that generates less temperature.

7) Loaded Focaccia Creation

Maximum product bodyweight of The encrusting machine is 300g. A big Filled Focaccia can be produced because of it’s good performance.

Dual filling Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

8) Open Leading Pizza Production

By using the Open Top Shutter, the surface of the product remains visible. You can produce Open Best Pizza while keeping natural consistency in the ingredients.

Dual filling Encrusting Stamping and Forming Machine

9) Breads Stay Production

Manufacture of yeast raised club designed products, finger meals such as bread sticks, and also pretzels can be easily produced.

10) Steamed Oriental Meats Bun Production

Manufacture of Oriental Dim Sum such as Steamed Meats Buns, Tiny Steamed Buns and Crystal Dumpling can be created without any problems using the Style Leading Shutter Choice.

And More

1.There is certainly much less left over satisfying.

2.Installing and dismounting of parts is simpler.

3.10% much less and 30Per cent lighter elements when compared to previous product.

4.Simpler cleansing of elements.

5.Colour touchscreen display manage panel for great adjusting of adjusting and modification.

6.Better still merchandise shape and weight accuracy.

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