Encrusting machine and food forming equipment

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine


This encrusting machine will encapsulate the satisfying and form every person item to the appropriate dimension and form condition.

This machine is simple to operate, clean, assemble and maintain.

Changing different creating moulds allows different goods to be made

Components that are in contact with the product are made of meals safety and sanitation normal stainless steel steel and plastic.

Filling method can also work with mince small, vegetable, meats and cheeses chunky substances.

Filling item measurements should be no greater than .8 by .8 cm.

This machine can proficient to different types money from all of-objective flour, higher gluten flour, semolina flour, corn flour, and other sorts of starches.

The mdough thickness and satisfying quantity are changeable in encrusting machine.

Items made from this ecrusting and foring machine have been steamed, fried, boiled and baked.

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