effortless operation for machine

health-related sector: treatment board, oral water, amphere, vial, travelling bag powder, paster, smooth paste, squirt;

food items industry: ice cubes omelet, cream and bread handbag caffeine, seasoning packe, dairy powder;

every day compound: toothpaste, mask, soap and cosmetic face product, mosquito repellent incense, lipstick.

hardware appliance: switch, socket, bulb, bearing and relay charger;

automobile extras sector: ignitefilter and plug, piston band, car bulb, vehicle appliance;

plastic-type sector: place, throw away films gloves, plastic materials;

entertainment industry: glue, pen, stapler and inkpad correction fluid, poker puzzle, card and toy artware;

day-to-day use pieces of paper: cells, sanitary napkins, padding;

main efficiency structure characteristics:

1. using the coil packing mcahine kind of automatic unpacking, feeding and boxing printing great deal number, adhesive sealing, spraying and excluding. linked construction, effortless functioning.

2. using servo/stepper engine, touchscreen display, PLC automated management system. more comfort of individual-user interface procedure, great-levels automation.

3. making use of photoelectric eyes automated detetion and monitoring system. no coil packing without having product, save the packing materials as far as possible.

4. wide packing range, simple adjustment, quick switch in numerous sizes of merchandise.

5. no requirement to alter mold in altering design.

6. automatically shutdown when substance boxing incompletely. overloading safety gadget in the main conveyor can make it far more safe and reliable.

According to the requirement of customers, easy operation and nice shape, 7. can choose flip-on security cover.

8. accomplishing linking creating by hooking up entrance procedure, labeling and coil wrapping machine, online analyzing tool and also other construction coil packaging line.

9. can design various of automatic feeding boxing and machine system according to the packing material.

According to the requirement of customers on the choosing heat melting machine 10. choosing heat melting sealing and mechanical glue sealing.

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