During the whole stretch wrapping machine of film carriage

e. collapsing mentioned web of material in to a setup having roped edges of focused rings of material plus an unroped hooking up membrane layer, the size from the design becoming below the thickness in the original material website;

f. transferring mentioned material dispenser and stopping said material dispenser’s motion at standard time periods to form a plurality of stretched spaced separate set up collapsed internet material wraps around stated stress on the junction between stacked layered products, the hooking up membrane of each and every configured wrap within the junction between stacked units with each roped side of the world wide web material indenting and taking hold of the outside work surface of any different unit to join the unit levels; and

g. severing explained collapsed extended internet material from explained dispensing means.

2. A procedure as reported in claim 1 in which stated material online has an authentic thickness of ten in ..

3. An activity as claimed in declare 2 wherein mentioned material online when collapsed can vary from two to 5 various inches in width.

4. A process of making a unitary package of a load comprising a plurality of vertically stacked substantially equally sized units by wrapping stretched material around the load comprising:

a. placing the key edge of a film internet coming from a roll of stretchable film internet material attached into a moveable dispensing indicates, alongside a load;

b. collapsing mentioned web material produce a setup possessing two concentrated groups of film identifying roped corners as well as a hooking up unroped membrane, the width of the collapsed internet simply being less than the width in the web in its initial state;

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