Dough sheeter and dough sheeter machine




dough sheeter

and dough sheeter machine




It  is a high-performance mechanical dough sheeter for food factory, hotels, canteen, restaurants, pizza house , and bakeries shop with large quantity dough sheet making.

A. Dough sheeter Specification

Model Automatiac dough sheeter
Product Weight 50– 20g
Power 380V  3P   1.20KW
Machine Weight 280kg

Machine size


Dough Sheeter Machine

* The dough sheeter is adjustable for sheet with different width and thickness.

* The dough sheeter machine using sensor induction system for high speed and pricise production.

* The equipment can keep consistency sheet in weight,size reduce the molding error.

* Stainless steel structure design and is very easy to clean.

The dough sheeter quality are the same as our high-quality food making machine products. The 60% market share in China shows the successful production of dough sheeters. It was base on our unique combination of expertise and experience in designing and manufacturer. Our dough sheeters will benefit your in day and day sheet production. As a manufacturer, we are capable providing customize solution per your sheet making requirement.

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