Door packing machine’s question and answer

1 – I want to be sure the factory understand my products
Its pre-insulated duct panels with dimension width 1300 x length 4000mm and thickness 20 mm
my bundle is 10 numbers so the total thickness of the bundle is 200 mm

———Yes, above size is not problem

2 – Power Supply Required for the full line:

——- Power Supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3phase , Total power comsupation app. 25-35Kw/hour

3 – number of workers required to operate the line

—-Only one people required for door packing machine operation.

4 – speed of the line, how many pandal i can pack per hour

—-The shrinking speed is vary from the PE film material, film thickness, tunnel leght…The machine offered normally it is 5-9m per minute.

5 – The line layout as attached , can you mention the dimensions on the layout

Please check confirm the solution required in the conveyor firstly, so that the lay out of the machine can be fixed. Now the machine offered is 2m infeeding conveyor+ 2.5m shrinking tunnel+2m out-feeding conveyor (motor less).

6 – Is the speed adjustable?

—-Yes, speed adjustable

6 – Operating Temperature Limits for our panels is 25°C to 80°C , Please check its workable on this line-

—–Please provide your panel’s pictures. Base on experience,it works for panels. Please check the drawing.

7 – What is the thickness of the film we should use so it will be shrink on the temperature of max. 80 °C

—————Can be 30-100microm, the shrinking tempretube needs 120-150 °C

The Max. temperature 80 °C may no precise, it needs change into heating value. For example, the products covered with film with passing the tunnel at 180 °C, with 1 sec that may not demage your panel, since the heating value is not enough. Floowing is some videos for reference

If the shrinking solution is unacceptable, it can be changed into bagging (without shrinking) or strtch wrapping.

Panel bagging+ gas heating.

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