Door packing equipment and door wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
 Following is the detail solution about special designed door packaging equipment for client.
After talking with our engineer about previous design and the new design, acutally the new design is the best solution.
Details like this, and design is in attachment.
New design
Previous design
First, fix part No.18 weld plate on the groove steel
Second, insert part No. 19 gasket on shaft
Third, fix tension belts on the steel board
First, match the extension steel plate with original U groove steel
Second, weld extension steel plate with original groove steel in three side
Third, remove original steel board forward and weld it or weld another steel board in the U groove steel
Work labor
weld one plate and fix six tension bolts x 4goups/machine
weld four plates x 4goups/machine
Tension adjustment
can be adjusted by bolts can’t adjust
The tension bolts can be forward and back by manual as tension need; after this tension is adjusted, fix the sides four bolts is ok. Do you think which mode is simpler, by weld plate or tension bolt?
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