digital bag packaging machine

The lightweight and durable, easy operation, no noise
The left and the right belt drive, suitable for small carton (AS123)
The upper and lower belt drive, suitable for heavy cardboard box (AS223)
The standard goods, spare parts supply at any time
The unilateral seal, suitable for carton
The choice of unilateral sealing, sealing up and down at the same time also can choose (AS223)
The matching function: AS223 machine can seal selection at the same time by using the adhesive tape; 75mm wide; 75mm long welt size; entrance roller bracket
S series is a stand-alone combinations, single type four angle sides sealing box series. You can stick with model line matching with other “a” font, combined into (I-shaped automatic sealing) operation.
Design of transmission, the upper and lower transmission sent box affixed with seals the box packaging operations.
Carton applicable specifications, in the same packaging single specification of the same carton, to change the specifications manual adjustment type, (the required adjustment time of only 1 minutes) to complete the.
The online process — using L cis to push the steering.
Precision mechanical properties and durability, stable running and long service life.
Ensure that artificial affixed with a beautiful, fast speed, high efficiency.
The company operates bag stretch packaging machine, domestic only a digital bag packaging machine.
1 only in the large color touch input you packing bag size screen, the device can automatically adjust
Bag clip, without manual.
2 the stretch wrapping machine and equipment with self diagnostic display and self maintenance system, such as the device itself or the surrounding environment of any abnormal, the system will alarm and display alarm causes on the touch screen. Technical staff can directly eliminate the fault.
3 equipment with detection system, the realization of “no bag – not – not filling sealing packaging” in the true sense, high rate of finished products!

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