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coil wrapping machine and stretch wrapper
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But for pipe coil with ID 200-250mm,there need a special design. Because of it’s difficult to get a machine to fit all your pipe coils.

Solution one: Adjust ID to more than 250mm in your winder

Solution two: Custom built a machine for it. (we had designed one for                        ID between 150-200mm)

Object on picture is ID 200 OD400


Horizontal stretch wrapper—  Vertical type

Technical parameter

Object weight: ≥3kg

Package height:80-300mm

Package OD:500-900 mm

Package ID:≥250mm

Roller Speed:2-4m/min

Rotating speed: 30-50r/min

Wrapping speed:30-40s/pcs ( no include preparation)

Overlap scope:30%-70%

Power output:1.5kw

Power voltage:380v/50Hz


orbital stretch wrapper Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

For long shape small objects packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

door orbital wrapping machine

For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors,

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