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Safety factors paramount

Lighthouse went six several years without a loss-time incident, considered a job-related injury that requires a skipped workday.

Scott Lemmons, orbital stretch wrapper’s environment, health and safety supervisor, affirms, “Many factors have contributed to this good results. First and foremost is a true and sincere commitment to ensuring that safety is our top priority. This responsibility commences with the table of company directors and permeates the full firm and our tradition.

“Additionally, there exists a very good working organization romantic relationship using our occupational healthcare service provider,” Lemmons carries on. “They have frequented our locations, and are familiar with our typical operations and our adherence on their recommendations. They feel more comfortable with ‘prescribing’ limits as opposed to days and nights far from function. If an injury warrants involvement of medical professionals, our relationship with them is truly a partnership; we will send employees for evaluation when it is not 100% certain. They are wise in their collection of correct treatment.

“Also our staff is the best with their desire to perform an given task within the most trusted technique achievable,” Lemmons adds. “If they have concerns or issues, they believe comfortable inquiring in advance as opposed to placing them selves in danger.”

Getting yourself ready for progress

orbital stretch wrapper’s new Quake Kare company is adding to the bottom line. A total of 84 workers work at the organization’s two developing locations in Missouri, and 43 turn out to be legally sightless. According to Karen Nelson, LHB’s human resources director, as a result of the acquisition, “We have been able to hire one additional employee who is legally blind. We anticipate the addition of several a lot more as business will grow via the remainder of the year.”

orbital stretch wrapper chief executive Thompson wants that the new product series will add $2 to $3 thousand to the agency’s profits in 2014, with yearly improves after that.

“The acquisition has taken new energy in the facility and contains facilitated great teamwork and commitment,” Houser says. “From the leader on right down to our sightless neighborhood enrichment administrator, all degrees are already on the floor building packages and deciding on orders placed. It is been a fun addition.”

Exactly what are the great things about employing those who are legally sightless?

Brian Houser, director of income and marketing and advertising at Lighthouse for that Sightless-Saint. Louis, responses:

“More than 70% of blind individuals are jobless. By giving them a job, they appear to be more devoted employees as they are so thankful for the opportunity to have a job, as well as to be considered an asset to an organization. There is hardly any employee and absenteeism turn over is practically nonexistent.

“In supplement, by employing blind men and women, we have been having a ‘tax taker’ and transforming them right into a ‘tax payer.’

“National Sectors for that Sightless carried out a thorough evaluation of this extremely subject and determined that, for each and every dollar the government spends on materials and providers by way of a sightless company for example the Lighthouse, $3.33 is delivered to the Federal government by way of decreased shift monthly payments (such as Medicaid and Interpersonal Safety) and increased cash flow and FICA taxes, thus conserving taxpayers dollars while rewarding an important social objective.”

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