demanding the sticky strip around the stretch wrapping machine

2. In a machine for helically wrapping a cylindrical post by using a webbed wrapping material of the type in which mentioned wrapping material is nourished from the offer roll whose axis is perpendicular to the axis of mentioned cylindrical post, stated machine experiencing roller indicates rotatably helping explained post, method for revolving said curler means so that mentioned article is brought on to spin about its axis, carriage indicates modified to travel longitudinally of mentioned post at the standard speed and then in direct portion on the rotation of said post, mentioned carriage means promoting a pivoted plate, a converting club around which explained webbed material moves, said turning club being attached to explained carriage in the drastically horizontal aeroplane and also at about 45 levels for the axis of said post, a rotatable manual curler plus a resolved information bar for directing stated webbed material, said information curler and guide nightclub simply being mounted on explained dish in aircraft that are significantly parallel on the axis of said post, camera means which include an eccentrically installed camera positioned in between the carriage and explained platter for moving explained plate about its pivot, and rate changing means for varying the longitudinal velocity of vacation of explained carriage in relation to the pivoted position of stated platter when mentioned post is rotated in a resolved speed.

3. A machine according to claim 2 wherein said cam means and speed changing means are each provided with indicators marked with the same units of measurement.

4. Within a machine for helically wrapping cylindrical posts by using a webbed Wrapping material, curler path for promoting and turning the cylindrical write-up being packaged, a carriage movable longitudinally of stated cylindrical report and also in timed relation together with the rotation thereof, guideline implies on stated carriage for helping stated webbed wrapping material more than said cylindrical report, means on said carriage for shifting the angle of inclinameans for preventing lengthwise movements of explained cylindrical write-up on mentioned roller indicates in the course of rotation thereof for wrapping

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