DC motor being electronically for horizontal stretch wrapper

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping apparatus claimed in claim 14 consists of,

the initial arm comprises a threaded rod, the first end cap, an initial reflective detector, a second reflective detector, a first safety deal with, plus a initially railing;

the threaded rod, the initial railing, and also the initial protective cover simply being placed parallel to one another;

the initial protective protect simply being connected to the initial railing;

the 1st end cap simply being oppositely positioned through the go across arm and perpendicularly associated with the initial railing and the initially protective include;

the 1st reflective detector being coupled to the initially left arm and adjacently placed with the DC engine;

the next reflective sensing unit simply being connected to the initially arm and adjacently situated together with the initial finish cover;

the first reflective sensing unit along with the next reflective sensor being electrically connected to together with the inside ring;

the wrap dispenser becoming in-line down the initially railing;

the threaded rod being movably traversed through the initial finish limit and also the go across arm;

the threaded rod simply being threaded with the wrap dispenser; and

the threaded rod being connected to the DC engine.

16. The horizontal plastic material stretch wrapping apparatus claimed in assert 14 makes up,

the next left arm makes up a plurality of countertop dumbbells, another stop cap, another protective cover, plus a 2nd railing;

the next safety include and also the next railing getting located parallel to each other;

the second safety deal with simply being connected to the secondly railing;

the next stop cover getting oppositely located from the go across arm and perpendicularly associated with the next railing as well as the 2nd protective cover; and

the plurality of counter weight load becoming coupled to the 2nd railing.


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