Customer satisfaction for packaging

Over the year’s development, Rainbow Run is committed to the integration of standardization, information technology, industrialization: the company in R & D to develop products in strict accordance with national standards in corporate governance by promoting the standardization of management innovation, from production to achieve the standardization of enterprise management, institutionalized, habituation. The company established a machine and component library information management systems, financial and marketing information management systems, procurement and production information management system. While effectively reduce errors, improve efficiency and reduce losses. The company purchased three high-speed automatic placement machine, wave soldering machines, automatic AOI inspection machine, laser marking machine, vacuum packing machines, digital remote monitoring systems and other production equipment, information technology, the company purchased ERP software Based on the secondary development of intelligent electronic Kanban system information, operating instructions and other production jobs system; developed a small robot automatic spot welding, automatic calibration system. Improved product yield and quality.

Rainbow Run service philosophy: “Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit.”

Enterprise development is inseparable from the customer support, user requirements and aspirations is our goal, and responsive is our constant commitment. Rainbow-run company not only offers a 24-hour on-site service for the user, 24-hour telephone counseling service, but also the application of modern Internet to provide users with network information and consulting services. The company continuously participated in the 15th Multinational Instrumentation Exhibition, China International Industry Fair, as well as in major cities nationwide touring exhibition organized by instrumentation and various technical seminars and on-site service, allowing users to feel the presence of Rainbow Run services anytime, anywhere.

Rainbow Run management philosophy: “Strengthening generate power”

In the development process, Rainbow Run Company employees feel deeply is the core competitiveness of enterprises, the company’s efforts to provide a platform for employees to grow, learning platform, continuously improve staff wages and benefits, and go through a variety of social insurance. Production staff provide a comfortable working environment, recreation and fitness environment and expert staff apartment building. Each year the organization staff travel and holiday entertainment events held at the National Day, Chinese New Year, and constantly improve staff cohesion.
Rainbow Run Company always keep in mind the party and the government’s care, feeding people, and do not forget the wealth to the community, but also to return to the community, the company chairman and enthusiastic about public welfare, has accumulated more than four million yuan donation to the community, was elected chairman of the company Fujian Provincial People’s Congress, vice president of Nanping City Charity. And was hired as a part-time professor at Shanghai University, Wuyi University of directors.
Rainbow Run company is first-class enterprise, first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, first-class culture, which created the “Rainbow Run” the Chinese famous brands. In the ever-changing market, through tempered, Rainbow Run stronger! “Rainbow Run” would like to make your friend forever, work with you to share the success!

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