Custom-made packaging for BD Uniject unit serving syringes

Romaco offers consultant expertise in filling, packaging and dosing solutions to the pharmaceutic and cosmetics market sectors. From solids, semi-solids or liquids into ampoules, vials, blisters, syringes, bottles and capsules strips or tubes, this site offers the right remedy.

Personalized packaging for BD Uniject system dosage syringes

Blister packaging alternatives ¨C conventional pc tablets or newly developed biotech patches

Strip packaging of blockbusters and volume level OTC brands

Consistent substantial-velocity keeping track of/filling up of any substantial range of products

Cartoning and case packing modern technology

BOSSPAK ¨C Tablet computer AND CAPSULE Checking

Bosspak tablet checking is founded on the rotary concept, solitary flow stuffing and QUAD checking heads. Together with the most comprehensive and flexible product range bragging rotary, linear and monobloc designs, it guarantees regular output for each and every product and generation requirement, from test batches to higher-speed manufacturing.

Bosspak counters encourage inside a vast range of applications including smooth gels, spheres or other hard to deal with items and storage containers, including tablet pcs, pills, delicate gels, caplets and suppositories.


Macofar was built on its early track record being an professional in sterile natural powder dealing with by establishing a variety of products to fit its small dosing machines, including fluid fillers, laundry sterilization and machines tunnels. Now Macofar is a recognized supplier of impressive sterile outlines both for solids and liquids.

The flexibility, versatility and reliability of Macofar models have verified productive in numerous installation and will deal with every creation prerequisite. These include a variety of filling up mixtures in capsule filling up (like tablets, pellets and powders) as well as the supply of a wide array of powders, liquids and granulates.

NOACK BLISTER Facial lines ¨C Occasional AND Constant Action BLISTERING

Noack blister collections represents unrivalled flexibility in blister lines and machines working in the medium sized to high-speed variety. It provides a selection of sealing methods, line and outputs layouts to match every single condition, put together with robustness, comfort of operation and quickly changeover.

Versatility in blister format ¨C coupled or across the internet ¨C and confirmed forming and securing capabilities with every single packaging substrate make Noack the dependable choice.



Soft gels





Cold type aluminum

Multiple-level lidding resources

PROMATIC ¨C Top rated CARTONING Technological innovation

Promatic is really a community head in cartoning and situation packing. ergonomics and Flexibility are definitely the simple layout rules in facts correct over the product range. Promatic demonstrate the flexibility to manage every product or service, with common or customized feeding methods. By way of example:

Sore spots






Thermoformed trays

Several merchandise


Siebler may be the professional in strip packaging facial lines and engineered packaging technology for substance delivery service systems. A number of-part close packaging solutions and complete system options for unique and unique drug delivery and packaging types are personalized manufactured.

Siebler devices are utilized to pack a wide variety of products into sachets, pouches and strips, using regular or dedicated serving solutions as essential. Applications add the packaging of diagnostics, effervescents, capsules, granules and tablets oral strips, transdermal spots and one use syringes.


Unipac pipe fillers supply the greatest degrees of flexibility and reliability. Unipac technological innovation is made to meet the strenuous requirements nowadays?ˉs market.

Unipac tube fillers establish new criteria in accessibility and flexibility coupled with substantial efficiency. This confirmed technology can do handling a vast range of tube sizes and materials, and also products in a large viscosity array. The product range contains laminate pipes, plastic-type material tubes, aluminium tubes, pipes with cannula and plastic-type syringes.

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