Copper strip requirement inquiry

We received below/attached inquiry from our customer. Please quote for them best FOB/C&F price inclusive of our reseller commission which should be indicated on separate email.

Cooper strip in coils
Sr.N Specification QTY/Kgs
1 0.80×330 mm 2000
2 0.90x360mm 2500
3 0.70x270mm 1000
4 0.50x320mm 1500
Electrolytic Grade, 99.9%
Conductivity CU-ETP-R200 according to EN-13599 composition according to EN-13599 (latest version) properties according to EN 13599 Elongation as for R200 on cardboard core rounded edges with paper and cardboard core 15mm wider for extra protection of the rolled edge.
ID of coil: Min 400mm
Max 500mm
OD of coil: Max 1000mm
Weight of Coil Max 500 kgs
Pallet weight:2000 kgs

Please also clarify below points:-
Packing cost if any:-
Freight cost by sea/air if any:-
Delivery period:-
Validity period:-
Technical literature/data Sheet of quoted items
Country of Origin:-
Pick up Address:-

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