Copper coil strapping machine


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Greetings from Indonesia!

We are looking for a door packaging machine to perform automatic copper coil strapping machine or semi automatic system to increase the output and efficiency of our working process.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss things further.

We are leading manufacture of transformers in middle east.We have one core slitting machine and we want to purchase one core wrapping machine.
Please send your quotation .
Material Color Thickness Dimension Quantity
LLDPE Transparent 25micron Width:120mm    ID:50mm 2500kg
Width:200mm    ID:50mm 2500kg
Black  40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 1750kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 1750kg
Blue 40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 500kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 500kg
Yellow 40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 250kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 250kg

Orbital stretch wrapper is working for coil packaging and panel packaging.


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