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Consumers including all ages and classes of people — including the president, celebrities and even is the Pope — through their self time, twitter and post to record their selection and the details of everyday life, according to the consumer’s intelligence director, Tetra Fhope Pak group M Kayla. Valletta statement, retailers selling more than products: life is a important factors to consider. This allows today’s food and beverage company in the harsh under pressure, they need to fit with the modern consumers self image, but also with functional and sustainable, their products also have their own style.
Packing in communication plays an important role in the product of favorable conditions, and to reinforce the relationship between consumers, reflected in the five important trends in the food and beverage packaging in 2015.
To packaging to humanity
More and more people in the busy to eat or drink something — in learning, in the work, the gym and the way — consumers most want is an easy to use Kaifeng, and re sealed packaging. For drinks, packing must possess is smoothly in Kaifeng port, with more and more people drink in the walking habits, also need a tightly sealed to prevent overflow mouth.
The second consideration, but also a becomes more and more important factor, is the packaging style. “More and more people in the walk and the way to work, eat and drink,” Valletta noted, “visual appeal becomes more and more important…… Consumers want has functions, but also very much has the style of packaging machine.”
She put this phenomenon attributed in part to “self gens”, they more than the millennial generation and Z generation of the trend is more influential. Now, any age of consumers are very careful, at any time they will take pictures.
But more broadly speaking, consumers are accustomed to their decorations with the others with the popular trend, but busy consumer hitherto unknown rise, now the standard has been extended to what they take food and beverage packaging. This also implies that the product itself, but the packaging designers should also be aware of the important effects of style to consumers, consumers almost every hour and moment on the hand holding the food, especially the beverage.
Communicate with “green concerns”
According to the survey in twenty-five countries in 2014 domestic Tetra Pak packaging company, consumers more concerned about the environment than before. The survey found that 87% of consumers are at least developed countries on global climate change has “some concern”, 94% people have the same attitude towards pollution, 25% of consumers for their own acts of destruction of the environment have guilt. However, these consumers are passive environmentalists company manufacturing — they want the products bought to bear the blame.
Sustainable packaging is very effective to eliminate the consumers of guilt, in addition to Recyclable logo, it to communicate the benefits and consumer products. Recyclable logo is with the product, the necessary trend of sales marks an important source plays an important role in the. Do you have any sales with FSC carton packaging (carton packaging sustainability certification) Virginia peach juice? Tell consumers the whole story, they will spend more time reading the label.
For city dwellers packaging
The population trend is very clear: more and more the majority of people living in the city, city residents for packaging design must be considered, most of them are in a small place to chat, take public transportation and life. Today most residents are one to two personal life mode, which means that the food and beverage orbital stretch wrapper packaging must provide different package sizes, but must also be strong, compact, light weight.
These consumers are more used to buy one to two days required for food, not to participate in the “hoarding” type of shopping. For the effective packing these people must be put on weight and volume to the side, to provide the best protection to the product, also easy to pick up, no car can transport.
For the digital design
Today, consumers choose consumption place and manner, new channels on the shelf appeal request. The most effective method in the grocery store aisle in design, there may be subtle, even just a little bit, let it be the millennial generation mobile phone to shoot down, the millennial generation are to go to work by bus on the way to determine their purchasing list. With advertising potential of the packaging is the canvas with attract sb.’s attention patterns and bold use of color, it is featured by modern movement. In the two-dimensional digital shopping areas, those planes, printing packaging than those bent, part of the local Bai label cover packaging has more advantages.
Simplify your life
“Simplifying our lives”, this is the day we heard from consumers in the mouth of the request. In fact, according to a survey in 20 countries of the Tetra Pak group and Ipsos group in 2014, 60% of the respondents think: “I want my life easier.” In America, this ratio reached 59%.
Although this kind of emotion for all ages are, but there are two consumers groups particularly eager to simple packaging: children and the elderly. They have scruples in agility and strength, but they don’t want to let others help to open and to take food and drink packaging. The right size, easy to carry, easy to Kaifeng and sealed packaging, is disappointing customers or let the customer back difference. In addition, for the old people

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