Conditions) of my coil packaging line

2. Workflow


3. Guidebook decoiler in coil packaging line

3.1 Within diameter coil is 450 – 550 mm

3.2 Coil Width is 1200 millimeters

3.3 Coil load 5 lots

4. Creating device

4.1 Shaft materials: 45# metallic, outer diameter 70mm

4.2 Curler fabric: #45 steel

4.3 Quantity of forming station: 11 couples

4.4 Chains move

4.5Forming rate is 8m/min

5. Hydraulic Cutting gadget

5.1 Hydraulic Station: 1set

5.2 With hydraulic station, motor 3 KW

5.3 Cutting click 40 ton

5.4 Hydraulic cutter

5.5 Blade material: G12 metal with quenched taken care of 60-62°C

5.6 Slicing method: advanced hydraulic push, intelligent slicing following

generating, no distorting or wasting, top level protection element.

6. Dealing with Gadget

6.1 Screen: Delta


6.3 Intelligent span way of measuring

6.4 Intelligent number measurement

6.5 Laptop or computer is utilized to regulate quantity and length. coil packing Machine will immediately minimize to length and prevent when required quantity is accomplished

6.6 Duration inaccuracy may be amended very easily

7.Hydraulic method in coil packaging line

a. Taking on advanced hydraulic program of Tai Wan

b. Power: 3kw

8.The machines layer , package deal

a.the finish follow global standard hue-manual

b.The package deal : simple waterproof package deal.

9.the spares of the devices .

a.the element of effortless damaging : contactor conk: 2 device ,fuse: 4 establish

b.the hydraulic closing up pillow: 1set

c.Bolt spanner: 1 established

10.Phrases) of my coil packaging line

1).The transaction terms: Spend 30Per cent after approved the contract ,Spend 70Per cent soon after examine and accept just before supply .

2).Warranty : One year ,therefore we will offer the technical support for the entire life .

3).When selecting up items, our team can provide the functioning training guide ,the movement drawing of devices , putting in draw guide of products ,The hydraulic concept chart, the part of easy damaging ,the whole graph of equipment .

4). Delivery service time : Inside of 45 doing work days soon after receiveing put in.

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