concerns a packaging for steel coil master

Steel coil master technological remedies: a heavy stainlesss steel strapping adhesive tape, energy package fitted by using a attach leading centre area of the elevate, screw raises vertically by means of the effectiveness of the attach leading support, guide and box sleeve and also the sleeve is connected by way of a screw top rated soccer ball linked to the lower stop in the attaching rod, connecting rod throughout the go across pinned higher plate with go across pin, cross with the top rated dish carrier item series, the plot brand of carrier occur the less section of the bracket.

[0006] This power version in comparison with the background artwork, hefty metallic strapping adhesive tape and practical procedure, easy construction, trustworthy operation. Brief Description

[0007] Steel coil master packing machine can be a schematic cross-sectional construction of metal strapping tape re embodiment.

[0008] Steel coil master packing machine 2 can be a schematic diagram of the left, as the structure of large metallic strapping adhesive tape embodiment from the torque in the electric motor. [0009] Body 3 is a top schematic take a look at the structure in the hefty coil wire cross baler platen embodiment.

[0010] Steel coil master packing machine 4 can be a top rated look at an embodiment strapping adhesive tape large wire stent.


[0011] Example 1: Talking about the sketches 1-4. A heavy stainlesss steel strapping adhesive tape, power container I attached the top centre portion of the attach 4 raises, screw raises the 4 attach 5 vertically with the strength boxes I leading bracket 6 and 9 as well as the information sleeve top rated by ball attach 5 hooking up sleeve 10 is linked to the lower end of your hooking up rod 11, the top end in the linking rod 11 from a go across pin 12 and the cross pinned dish 13, the cross dish 13 is pushed against the end encounter 16 bead, the bead 16 about the plan collection covered round the frame 15, the go across plate 13 Included wire body 15 through the best 15 inside the lower area of the plan collection frame bracket units 6. 6 of your bracket along with the bracket 8 trunking bundles staggered grooves 8 and 7 comprise trunking bundles and remain evenly spaced lines 7 staggered sequence. The centre consists of two cross plate 13 includes a cross superimposed in the stress dish 14 comprise a go across golf hole. Torque motor in the strength container I generate 2 screws through the pulley 3 raises 4.

must understand is: the above embodiments Although the utility model gave a more detailed text descriptions, but these words describe, just for the utility model design ideas simple text description, rather than limiting the utility of new design ideas, The utility does not exceed any combination of new design ideas, additions or modifications as fall within the scope of the protection of utility models.

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