Comparing in packing material with pallet wrapping machine


pallet wrapping machine semiauto
pallet wrapping machine semiauto

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According former estimate,

a. the width 1m film: $0.0630498/m
b. Cost for full wrapping (one layer): $0.40351872

3 layer film cost $1.21055616
6 layer film cost $2.42111232

1kg PET Belt app. 190-200m=$2.496 1M=$0.01248
a. 1 Pallet:1.4mx2+0.8mx2=4.4m need 0.1m for connecting and overmeasure
b. 4 belts per pallet as requirement: the total length for one pallet is 4.5×4=18m
“井”type strapping costs:$0.22464

Cost for 3 layer+ “井”type strapping = $1.4351916
Cost for 6 layer=$2.42111232

Cost for 4 layer +“井”type strapping = $1.8387103



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