Coilmaster for aluminum coil and copper coil

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coilmaster, aluminum packing machine

Aluminum coilmaster:



a. Responsibilities of aluminum coil packing

–          Provides layout drawings.

–          Provides utilities; any request relating to the utilities may be solved depending on the technical possibilities.

–          Ensures the manpower necessary to install and commission the facility.

–          Ensures the laboratory tests in order to test the product quality in accordance with the requirements comprised in this document.

–          Provides transport means and lifting equipment.

–          Provides any other technical data necessary to design and install the facility.


b. Responsibilities of the supplier

–          The offered strip casting facility shall be state-of-the-art.

–          Provides complete technical documentation including detail engineering and list of components.

–          Offers technical assistance during the facility installation and product testing in order to ensure that the conditions specified in the layout drawings, the constructive conditions and performances requirements have been met.

–          Provides technical consultancy in the future, for any issue related to the casting facility and performance thereof.

–          Offers the list of spare parts codes with correspondent suppliers.

–          Further to the aluminum coil packing equipment erection, the supplier shall take part in the commissioning tests in order to ensure that the requirements of this document or any other document provided by the manufacturerand addressing issues of performances and constructive conditions have been met.

–          Provides training for personnel regarding the facility operation and maintenance.

Provides the list of references.


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