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thanks for your fast reply.
for deciding we need more information about  mechanical and electrical part of your machine.because i must check with the mechanic and  electric section.
if it is possible , please send the detail  or more information of your suggested machine (36000$ machine and the other with cheaper price) .
i’m looking forward for your email
Learning from your requirement, it is not possiable provide one wire wrapping machine for all coils.
The best range is as following:
OD: 700-1400mm    ID: 300-508mm    Width:300-700mm
Considering the small coil packaging, the special design in tension control is very necessary.
how are you doing?
 my name is mansour i work in copper coil industries. and i want a coil packing machine (Coil Wrapping Machine) for packing our copper coil.
 I  attached the specification of our product and our desired Coil Wrapping Machine.
i will be thankful if you send the result as soon as possible.
Horizontal stretch wrapper work for film strapping and wrapping
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