Coil wrapping amchien with Sleeve labeling machine


tag sleeving coil packaging machine

label sleeving coil packaging machine

I,Sleeve labeling coil wrapping machine capabilities

Full Face Steel hosts: the whole machine will not be water resistant oxidation;

Adaptable cutter brain: unique cyclotron reduce, increase-sided blade, extended life;

Individual location centre information pillar: Tag channeled far more dependable;

synchronized splitting up device: bottle providing is far more steady;

Brand clean beneath Class: sets of regular accuracy is a lot more exact;

content label manage electric powered vision shelf: special blend of tail and electrical eye, improve membrane material reducing reliability;

force-key management pack: Functioning more humane;

formula feeding holder: the liberty to pick holder position.

Electrical Product Configuration Specification

implemented PLC automated controller, imported servo motor, servo inverters, sensors and drives, along with making use of a collection of standard location module for exact, fast and secure.

applicable set of standard types of kind:

Various bottles, including: rounded jar, sq bottle, level package, curved jar, glass and so on.

II.Coil wrapping amchien with Sleeve labeling machine principal specialized guidelines of devices


Voltage AC220V

Sleeve marking machine strength3KW

Creation ability≥ 200 containers / minutes (brand height ≤ 100 mm) the greater the content label is,the lower the production capability is.

Groups of normal successfully pass amount≥98%

The entire line of manufacturing effectiveness≥ 95Percent (in 24-60 minutes computation)

Diameter of jarφ28mm ~ φ 125mm, specific dimensions may be extra design

Jar level30 mm -280 millimeters,particular size might be additional layout..

For tagPvc material,Family pet,OPS

Content label duration30mm ~250mm

Content label fullness.035mm ~.13mm

Content label resourcesPvc material,PET,OPS

Tag translucent space≥5mm

Content label paper primary diameter≥5”(127mm)

OD content label≤500mm

Sleeve marking machine Hold AspectL1550mm×W1055mm×H2000mm

III,Schematic working basic principle and products attracting

Functioning concept

When press jar electrical eyes identified the package over and that there exists a ongoing manufacturing when needed, in to the package screw into operation push the jar (screw in the bottle’s function is equidistant through the package is definitely not equidistant through the new original speed of bottles, and many others.), bottle in to the sleeve marking system is the central device, if the groups of normal electric powered eyes detector to offer the bottle around, immediately transfer the information towards the management centre PLC, and the PLC were constantly granted 4 directives: sent regular, location, cutting tag, photo tag, when snapping shots labeled the final of your technique of full groups of normal bottles, then enter into the tag doing, shrink model.

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