Coil winding machine and packing machine

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We are actually looking for very economical & low cost wrapping machine. Can you send quotation for simple wrapper without shuttle similar to FPS-500 , without cutting & holding mechanism (automatic material feeding) module, without HMI.
———Please check the solution offered FPS-500 and FPS-500-S coil winding machine, both are the economic solution without HMI and cutting&holding mechanism.

coil Wrapping machine should consists of Ring with fabric & stretch film. Should able to wrap for following coil specifications
OD: 800 to 1500mm
Width 50 – 500mm
ID: 508mm
Film: 25 microns
Fabric/HDPE: 85 GSM
——– FPS-500 and FPS-500-S are work for above packing requirement.
Following is the machine similar as FPS-500-S.

If considering the heavy coil handling and opeartion, i’d like to suggest FPS-500-S which is easy to loading&unloading the heavy coil by crane.

I can try to help you get a better price, to make FPS-500-S same price as FPS-500 coil winding and packing machine.


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