coil stretch wrapper testing and checking

Coil Weight = 32 MT (72,160 lb)

Coil OD = 1000 to 2060 mm (40 in to 80 in)

Coil Width = 900 to 1700 mm (35.4 in to 66 in)

Coil ID = 610 to 760 mm (24 in to 30 in)

Production Rate = 6 Coils per hour

Power -3 Phase 440 VAC 60 Hz

Control Voltage -24 V

Inspection Checklist

coil Stretch Wrapper -RAL 1033 Dahlia Yellow

Blocker Rolls -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue

Track Frames -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue
Verify paint colors
For shipping, exposed stretch wrapper machine surfaces must be protected with Tectyl 502-C or equal
No paint on surfaces contacting grout (primer ok).
Verify anchor bolt locations and size
Wrap minimum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap maximum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap with VCI paper
Wrap with VCI plastic
Verify component voltages
Verify production rate
Installed keyed switches and verify functionality (supplied by SES)
When will we receive packing lists?
How will the machine break down for shipping?
How will parts be labeled for shipping and re-assembly?
When will we receive final drawings (ACAD and PDF format)?
When will we receive manuals?



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