coil stretch wrapper manufacturer





Requirement frm the market.

I would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturing company specializing at copper & copper alloyed semi-finished products.


We are interested in coil stretch wrapper packing  machine for copper coils.


Material       : Brass & copper

Thickness    : 0.10 – 2.00 mm

Width            :  15 – 350 mm

Coil Weight : 30 kg  – 2000 kg


Do you suggest 2 different types of coil stretch wrapper wrapping machine for big or smaller coils.


Can you please offer us best C.I.F Istanbul offer.




  I have a need for a coil stretch wrapper wrapping machines. This is only for packaging and the product is steelwire 4mm Dia. and the coil is 280mm Dia and 50 meter long. It is still loose and not tied to keep the bundle together and want to shrinkwrap the bundle.
         Please make contact if you have such a coil stretch wrapper machine


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