Coil strapping and wrapping machine


Solution for the coil strapping and bearing packing machine for Indian market

Well received your inquiry about pneumatic steel belt strapping tool PDB32 today. Our company specializing in manufacture coils’ package and strapping
more than 18 years in Shanghai, China.
It is single buckle seal type, the strapping steel belt width 13,16,19mm are available, its max strap tension can be upto 4500N.
Attachment is the detail quotation of this machine, you can find and check.
Any question, pls feel free to contact me.
Attached you will find our quotation of GS200 as per your requirement. The price is based on FOB Shanghai, 30 days delivery time.
Basically there are three kinds of material as folliows used for this machine. The ‘Silsalkraft paper’ of 100mm width is available.
Bearing packing machine
Bearing packing machine, bearing wrapping machine
You are welcome to visit us at any time for bearing wrap machine and coil packing machine. When you attend the Wire China exhibition, we may prepare some stretch wrap machines and also pick you up somewhere.
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