Coil packaging machine solution and wrapper

That can handle multiple product sizes and shapes, manufacturers require robotic palletizing cells that are more flexible than before. And may do more than that by dealing with unpredictable lots, like covered bundles, and high full plenty around 108 inches taller.

Coil packaging machine option works with a unique item group program that will handle numerous items using the same automatic mobile phone and makes it possible for the roll-out of half or complete levels sometimes employing robots or conventional modern technology. The cell deals with cartons, cases and bundles approximately 4 distinct SKUs simultaneously utilizing the Pmax tool which provides bare pallets when needed.

The Wrapbotic element, the incorporated coil stretch wrapper, secures volatile lots since they are becoming built. This process makes sure that the products will not move or drop when an extra layer will be added. Alternatively, when the full pallet advances to be taken out.

The program can palletize goods as much as 30 ” long and up to 24 ” large. Charges are going to 85 situations a minute for whole layers or higher to 25 situations each minute for half tiers.

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