Coil packaging machine instructions

Coil packaging machine instructions:
1. convenient operation, Germany Siemens PLC control with touch screen control system, easy to operate.
2. frequency control, the machines use variable frequency speed regulating device and velocity can be adjusted within the prescribed limits.
3. automatic detection function, such as a do not open the bag or bags when not in full, not charging, no sealing, bags can be reused and not waste material, to save production costs.
4. PLC is used to regulate the temperature according to the coil packaging bag can be arbitrarily changed the touch screen.
5. the machine uses the stop brake function, outages starting safety role.
6. packaging material loss is low, the machine uses prefabricated bags, packaging bags pattern perfect, good sealing quality, which improves product quality.
7. According to the coil packaging material requirements can be matched with auto meter (for example, intelligent weigher automatic screw filling machine, liquid filling machine, etc), can also be performed manually feed for automatic packaging.
8. this machine adopts imported plastic bearings, without refueling, maintenance, reducing pollution of the material;
9. meet the hygiene standards of the food processing industry, machines and materials or packaging bag contact parts made of stainless steel or other material processing in line with food hygiene requirements, to ensure food hygiene and safety.
10. coil packing machine bags adapted a wide range, single-layer Multilayer Composite Membranes made of PE, PP and other materials prefabricated bags, paper bags can be used.
Two-headed grain weighing and packing machine highlights: the particles weighing and coil packing machine by means of artificial bagging, high precision sensor tracking precision, vibratory feeder automatic metering and high-precision packaging, packaging errors can be controlled within 1 gram, keystrokes of the micro-computer control system, advanced technology, easy operation, machine are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning.

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