coil packaging line and handling machine

Rolling Equipment composed by tilting desk with lifting movement for selecting up slit coil from turnstile capstan and lay it on with axis at vertical placement.

Device framework fabricated on carbon steel, machined and assembled on motor operated rollers for displacement.
Best desk with lifting and tilting motions outfitted with motorized chains for coils output to the main rolling conveyor. listed here is a claw type gadget to select up the coil from within diameter. “Claw” with programmed stroke movement, according to slit coil width dimension.
Vertical motion of “claw” unit to suit numerous within diameters of coils, operated by implies of hydraulic cylinder.
Handle of coil packaging line presence and coil conveying by implies of photocells system.
Manufacturing facilities region of 5000 m2 is situated at Humanes de Madrid – MADRID, in which you can find the Engineering department, Machining region, Pre-erection, Check and Trials, prior to Expedition to Consumer plant and final erection.

The coil packaging Equipments and Reducing Strains Cinser brand are Developed and Produced with a Technology and Precision used on manufacturing Equipment Tools Crops.

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