coil master Designed for Beginners

Program Style

To make this happen procedure, the CoilMaster has two hefty-responsibility, opposite, C-designed track segments that, when

closed, provide you with the guideline for the film-dispensing shuttle (Fig. 1). They are set up to be variable in the

straight airplane to fit fundamentally all coil diameters and they are fitted so that the two fifty percent-sections may possibly

be split up allowing the coil being located. The C-structures are opened and closed making use of screw jack


The film dispensing shuttle of coil master is made to push on its own throughout the path (carrier and pinion system) in a accelerate

to 4.2 m/s. Power is shipped to the keep track of through conductor side rails. A 50/60-Hz motor unit is mounted on the

shuttle. The stretch film is attracted from the film curler by way of a film accumulation and conditioning process,

thereby using stretch film to all of points of your coil at an even pressure The film is a hefty evaluate, linear lowdensity

polyethylene stretch film for coil master designed specifically for this app. A VCI chemical ingredient to prevent

corrosion is incorporated into the film within the extrusion method.

· Intelligent shuttle change for film breakage or fatigue. It is an alternative which will instantly

swap the shuttle with the damaged or fatigued roll of film with an additional shuttle homes a fresh roll of

film. The place approach then proceeds exactly where it still left off of.


The machine was designed to be essentially routine maintenance-cost-free. An extra shuttle is suggested with every

program. The shuttles of coil master are made with wearable parts for example the pinion gear, guide rims and brushes.

These parts are often changeable. It will require less than a few a few minutes to change the shuttle around the method. The

spare shuttle can be utilized on the method even though the other shuttle is overhauled. By following this protective

routine maintenance plan on a regular basis, the system activities virtually no downtime.

Method Advantages

The program benefits include:

· Can cover just about any dimensions coil,

· 100% wide open eyes.

· Package deal can be handled, unloaded, stored and loaded inside the horizontal situation of eye through coil stretch warpper making use of conventional

handling devices, or it can be downloaded onto a pallet.

· Superior protection towards deterioration.

· Very low gas utilization.

· Facilitates shipping by rail.

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