coders for plastic, carton and glass packaging

Fps is Australia’s leading dealer of laser beam technologies and possesses offered substantial-top quality Western-manufactured lasers because 1992. Raymax delivers a wide variety of lasers and associated safety gear, including diode lasers, computer programming lasers, Femto lasers, laser meters, lasers for mini or nano digesting, laserlight welding and laser reducing, nutritional fibre lasers, optical camera lenses, laser beam goggles and lasers with optical fibres.

Computer programming and marking lasers

Raymax offers computer programming and marking laser and lasers systems, which can be used as id and marking of diverse items created from a number of substrates. Computer programming and marking lasers are being used in many market sectors such as thebeverage and wine, meals products, FMCG and pharmaceutical drug market sectors.

Scribing lasers and laser coders for plastic, carton and glass packaging

Raymax gives a range of scribing lasers and laser coders for plastic, carton and glass packaging materials.

The Linx Linx and SL301 SL101 small scribing lasers offer higher-overall performance laser light html coding at reasonable prices. They are compatible with a wide array of programming and marking software across various industries.

The Linx SL501 laser coder offers both printing velocity and high-image resolution good quality codes with out give up, and is also suited to the most difficult creation environments.

The ALLTEC LC500, LC100 and LC300 laserlight marking methods supply high-quality represents on an array of items, which include packaging for example labels, window, plastic-type material boxes, tubes and cardboard cartons.

Laser beam markers for metallic packaging

Raymax companies a selection of laser light markers for metallic packaging. The ALLPRINT DN A-series diode-motivated Nd: YAG laser markers mix the benefits of diode-pumped, Nd: YAG laser beam technological innovation with heart stroke marking strategies to provide an unrivaled mixture of reliability, economy, quality and flexibility.

The ALLPRINT LN A-collection light fixture-pumped, substantial-power Nd: YAG laser beam markers are in use in a large number of creation facial lines. The ALLPRINT LN A-combination of laserlight marker pens offersreliability and flexibility, end user-friendliness and overall economy.

Perforation packaging

Raymax offers customised laser methods. By way of example, a meals packaging business stumbled on Raymax recently by using a plastic material perforation issue: the item they had was not consistent sufficient plus they necessary a creative solution. When using a laser beam for mini perforating has tremendous rewards more than machine perforation, as being the targeted laser beam vaporises a minute combination of smaller sized openings as opposed to puncturing or ripping the packaging, choosing the best laser beam-based solution was the real key as pre-existing laser methods did not generate consistent dimension slots throughout the entire creation work.

Raymax could establish a modern option having an manufacturing-strength laser beam that did not develop factor sized slots as the generation speed was different. A fresh system was designed, implemented and developed, and training offered in an present manufacturing service. A good manners assistance check out six weeks following set up indicated that every little thing was moving nicely and the method has continued to make regular slots considering that its installing.

Lasers for packaging security

Besides the wide range of laser and lasers methods that Raymax provides, the company can provide secure functions created utilizing laserlight technologies ¨C each overt and covert.

Lasers for micromachining

Raymax gives an array of laser and lasers methods for micromachining functions. Some popular procedure apps are:

Film drilling

Precision openings

Laser skiving


Insulating material supplies

Wire stripping



Laser beam fume removal methods

Raymax offers a variety of fume removal products especially designed and engineered to remove laser light-made dust from the atmosphere throughout the laserlight work enviroment.

The laser beam fume removal methods are already manufactured and designed by air contamination manage experts, using the close alliance on the planet?ˉs top laser light companies.

Contact us to talk about your expectations or for a no cost no-responsibility quote on any one of our lasers or laser beam protection devices. You may well be astonished at what lasers could do for your personal program.

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